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Introduction provides a solution for buying items online internationally when retailers don’t directly ship to your country. This package forwarding and consolidation service gives you access to top US and UK retailers. Read on to learn how works and what they can do for your international orders.

What is is a parcel forwarding service that provides customers with addresses in the United States and United Kingdom to ship items to, which are then forwarded on to your actual address anywhere in the world. This gives you access to online stores in the US and UK that may not ship directly to your home country.

How Does Work?

When you subscribe to , you are assigned a unique shipping address in the US or UK to use when purchasing items online. The retailer will ship your order to the Reship warehouse address. Once it arrives, Reship then forwards your packages on to your designated home, office, or PO box address internationally via major carriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Benefits of Using

  • Access retailers that don’t ship overseas: Reship gives you a way to buy from top American and British online stores that don’t normally ship internationally.
  • Save money through package consolidation: You can have multiple orders from different retailers shipped to your Reship address and consolidated into one package to save on international shipping costs.
  • Faster and more reliable delivery: They use the top global delivery companies to provide fast, trackable shipping with less risk of lost packages.
  • Customs assistance: helps deal with customs paperwork and import duties on your behalf when shipping internationally.

Is Safe and Reliable?

Reship has been in business since 2007 and ships over 300,000 packages per month for over 800,000 users around the world. They have an excellent track record and reviews. Reship packages are fully insured and trackable at every step. So you can trust them to ship your orders safely.

How to Use for International Shipping?

Signing up is easy. Just create a Reship account and choose your plan. You’ll get assigned a US or UK address to ship to. When buying online, enter your Reship address as the shipping address at checkout. Once the retailer ships to the Reship warehouse, you’ll get an email confirming receipt. Then Reship will consolidate and forward your order to your address internationally.

Reship Pricing and Fees

Pricing is based on package weight, destination country, and any additional services. There are no subscription fees. You just pay per shipment. Estimate pricing on their website calculator. There are also customs, insurance, and processing fees to consider. While not the cheapest option, Reship provides reliability and access to retailers that won’t ship overseas directly.

Conclusion provides a way for international online shoppers to gain access to top American and British retailers and have orders professionally forwarded abroad. Their package consolidation and customs services make international shipping easier and more affordable. If you want to buy from overseas stores that don’t normally ship to your country, Reship is a safe bet for getting your packages delivered.


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