My name is Yunus. I am an IT Solution Architect by profession & YouTuber, Blogger as an enthusiast.


My name is Yunus. I am an IT Solution Architect by profession & YouTuber, Blogger as an enthusiast.

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About Digital Interest

Digital Interest is my social branding. It reflects what my interests are and how I interact with people on the internet via my social media channels.


The world of digital technology fascinates me and I try to capture lot of those interests in this website via blogging and creating YouTube videos.

On the professional side, I interpret business requirements, perform research work around them, Build prototypes and defend the thought process behind the design decision. 

My biggest strength is my problem-solving approach. I accept difficult & challenging technological prospects and try to overcome them by tapping on the knowledge that I have already acquired and during the process acquire new ones to further enhance them. 

When not busy designing any prototype or tweaking computers or Blogging or creating YouTube content, I like to play games on Playstation or Switch, watch movies, & spend time with my family.


Work With Me

You can sponsor to write a blog on my website. However the decision to write will be at my discretion. I will not write anything that does not blend with the sanctity for which the website is created. I will also not write something that I do not believe or support in.

I can post product links in the articles that I write that are relevant to that article. Anything that is not relevant for the article can also be posted in the Shop section of my site.

I am at present a member of the Commission Junction & Avangate Network. You can extend your offer from there by searching for “Digital Interest” or you can contact me directly via one of the ways mentioned in the Connect section of my website.

You can check out my current affiliations in the My Affiliations section of my website.

You can send me your product for which I can create review video in my YouTube channel Digital Interest. Once the review is done I can send the product back to you. If its a physical product then I will request you to handle the shipping charges.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog post then you can contact me via the contact form. You can send in the draft and it will be published after review. Guidelines for guest blogging can be referred here.


This website is created to share knowledge & experiences with others who are seeking information to get better off with their requirement. This is the primary reason this site exists.

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